Better data, better rankings

Sunlight monitors Googlebot - which pages it crawls, and how often - so you can make data-driven decisions to improve your organic search performance.

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Easy setup, no log files required

Getting log files can be hard, needs developer help, and only gives you a snapshot in time. Sunlight tracks Googlebot's JavaScript renderer, so all you need to do is add a tracking tag to your site (you can even use Google Tag Manager), and you get a live view of Googlebot crawling your site.

Uncover SEO issues with hard data

Find and fix duplicate content issues, and see how frequently Googlebot crawls error pages, non-SSL pages, noindexed pages or pages that canonical elsewhere. Improve how Googlebot crawls your site, and you can improve how well your site can rank.

Learn the scale of the problem

Search Console can tell you which error pages Googlebot has found - but Sunlight can tell you how often it crawls them, so you can build a stronger case for fixing broken pages and start seeing real improvements.

See which site sections aren't crawled enough

Sunlight makes it easy to see which pages and sections are crawled infrequently. It's a warning sign that they might not be linked into the site well enough, or that they might benefit from link building.

Find and fix your slow loading pages

Slow loading pages have lower conversion rates, and can rank lower in search. Sunlight automatically measures your page load times, so you can find and fix performance issues faster than ever.

Get early access to Sunlight

We're slowly adding new sites to Sunlight to help test the platform. If you'd like to get early access, join the waitlist below.

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